Built on strong values, which include a spirit of honesty and enterprise and an obsession for quality and reliability, LuckyDesigners is committed to providing the highest quality work in the shortest possible time. The company strongly believes that its true assets lie in its proficient and motivated manpower. If home is where the heart is.LuckyDesigners is the obvious choice to make your house a home! LuckyDesigners, passion of first generation entrepreneurs, is thriving vibrant and professionally managed organization committed to provide: high level of customer satisfaction and great return on investment for investors. Our business primarily focuses on real estate: residential and commercial projects. Innovation and team work as pilots ensure a high degree of excellence and maintains the finest standards of business practice in all endeavors.The successful year of our organization is the culmination of selective and well-trained manpower, planning & Professionalism. Investors are convinced about the integrity and the dedication by means of commitment in completion of projects. LuckyDesigners wants to augment its development with bigger prestigious projects to make a mark in not just in Chennai but countrywide.
The company continues to talk to and invite land to join it in its drive to bring more and more land under housing to meet the stupendous demand that already exists, and is predicted to explode in the coming years. LuckyDesigners cherishes its relationship with all its existing investors and funding institutions. The company hopes to further strengthen these relationships, while at the same time invite new partners to join it in creating happy and beautiful communities. LuckyDesigners attaches great importance to all its vendors who with their timely cooperation lend it strength. We continue to attach enduring importance to our relationship with all our vendors and hope to create systems and processes that enrich our relationship while adding a competitive edge to our business.